About Us

::Hello and Welcome::

We are so happy you are here! I'm Natasha and I run this boutique with my beautiful mama; Cindi! This boutique would truly be nothing without her! She runs all the backend, operations, receiving and shipping! She is a true saint!
::How it all started::
Back in 2017 my sister was in a horrible ATV accident that about took her life. Coming out of Acoma and getting back on her feet in 2018 my mom and her decided to start a online boutique. This boutique...
It was about 6 months down the road and Jennifer had decided this just wasn't where her heart was and asked if I would take over her position and run this with my mom. Without any hesitation I said yes!
 Boutique located in Carthage, Mo
::A Little About Me::
My name is Natasha and I’m like most of you! A BUSY MOM and WIFE trying to juggle 5 different business’s while homeschooling my two kiddos!
My kids and husband rodeo and team rope ALL THE TIME so I’m basically a taxi driver for someone every weekend :)
We live on a farm in SW Missouri so a lot of days you probably won’t see me dressed up 😆 I’m usually in jeans and boots or mostly leggings and a sweatshirt if we are being honest!
I absolutely LOVE what I do! I love making women look and feel absolutely BEAUTIFUL through the clothes they wear!
I cannot wait to get to meet and get to know each of you better!
Welcome to the family sister pull up a chair because we are an open book around here with real life struggles we don’t sugar coat…
Life isn’t easy darling but it’s easier with people in your corner 👊