IT'S OUR BIRTHDAY and we can cry if we want to.. Just KIDDING but we can give YOU all the gifts if we want to and that is exactly what we are doing ALL WEEK LONG!

Wow-what a wild ride this last 3 years has been for us.. From a small dream of owning our own business to sticking with it and growing year after year, we feel is a dream come true in its self!

We had no idea starting out what this boutique would be one day or really any goals for it.. We just knew it was something that we wanted.

When my sister got hurt 4 years ago this was something she wanted to pursue with my mom.. After about 6 months down the road, she realized it just wasn't where her heart was and asked if I would step in to help my mom with it...

Stepping into this role wasn't easy, anyone who knows me knows I'm an all-or-nothing kind of girl. I knew my mom and I as a duo just wouldn't allow ourselves to fail with both of our hard-headed mindsets ( Our husbands love that about us :))

Failing just has never been able to be a part of my vocabulary growing up or for that fact EVER. So here we are together 3 years later and we couldn't thank ALL OF YOU enough for the continued support and business you give us EVERY SINGLE DAY and for that, we are forever grateful to each of you!

Cheers to THREE YEARS and many more to come!

Natasha & Cindi
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